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Be Well Philly AT Bok


 Fitness has the power to not only transform our bodies but also our minds and spirits. It can uplift our mood, boost our confidence, and strengthen our resilience. It can inspire us to push ourselves beyond our perceived limits, and achieve things we never thought possible. And it's even more meaningful when we can do it together, supporting and cheering each other on every step of the way!

My goal is not just to provide a place to exercise, but to create a community that supports and motivates each other. We are proud to see friendships formed, bonds strengthened, and people coming together to celebrate their victories, big or small!

 I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with our community through fitness, and I'm committed to continuing to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone to pursue their fitness goals, make meaningful connections, and thrive together!


Hub of Hope

The Hub of Hope offers a safe place where people who are experiencing homelessness can enjoy a warm cup of coffee, take a shower, wash their laundry, and speak to peers or resource coordinators and ultimately, begin the process of finding a permanent home.

Burn w/ Verne Thomas Edison High School Picture 7.jpg

Thomas Edison High School

Thomas Edison High School students have the opportunity to work out and get active with Burn w/ Verne! Verne, a fitness instructor, aims to provide a fun and engaging workout experience for the students, encouraging them to stay active, maintain their fitness, and improve their overall well-being.


Breasted Friends Fundraiser

The Breasted Friends Fundraiser not only raises funds for vital programs and research but also creates a sense of unity, compassion, and hope among participants. It celebrates the strength and bravery of breast cancer survivors, honors those who have lost their lives to the disease, and encourages everyone to join the collective effort in making a positive impact on the breast cancer community.


Night Nation 5k Run

The Night Nation 5k Run is not just about the physical challenge of completing a race; it's a full sensory experience that combines fitness, music, and celebration. It offers a unique and unforgettable night where participants can push their limits, enjoy incredible music, and create lasting memories in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.


Community Fitness Academy

The Community Fitness Academy in Philadelphia serves as a beacon of health, wellness, and community unity. It not only helps individuals attain their fitness goals but also fosters a sense of belonging, empowerment, and shared purpose.

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Community Events

Burn w/ Verne Community Events are a celebration of fitness, community, and empowerment. It encourages individuals to prioritize their health, engage in physical activity, and foster a strong sense of togetherness within the local community.

Sista Strut Group1

Sista Strut Philadelphia

Sista Strut in Philadelphia is an uplifting and impactful event that brings together communities to promote breast cancer awareness, support women of color, and ultimately strive for improved breast health outcomes.

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Be Well Philly Festival

The Burn w/ Verne fitness experience at the Be Well Philly Festival in Philadelphia creates a sense of unity and connection among participants, combining physical activity and community engagement. It not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also encourages individuals to explore a deeper connection with their fellow neighbors  surrounding them.


Miami Universal Jumps Festival

Miami Universal Jump Festival is an exciting event that brings together jump boot enthusiasts from all around. Participants showcase their skills, creativity, and athleticism through various jump boot routines, demonstrations, and competitions. The festival creates a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, celebrating the art and sport of jump while inspiring others to join in the fun and stay active.


Rasheed Wallace Day (former NBA player)

Rasheed Abdul Wallace is an American basketball coach and former professional player. A native of Philadelphia, that came to show love and support of our continuous efforts to uplift the community with bounce fitness as well as informative information and knowledge to help build individuals to strive for a greater purpose.


Hope for Lupus Fundraiser

The Hope for Lupus Fundraiser is committed to raising awareness about this auto immune disease and to helping people with lupus to live a fruitful life. We come together as a community to show our support for our fellow neighbors dealing with this disease.

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Black Women in Sports Events

Black Women in Sports Events is a series of empowering gatherings that highlight the achievements and contributions of Black women in the world of sports. These events provide a platform for sharing inspiring stories, discussing challenges faced, and promoting opportunities for advancement in the sports industry. Through panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, Black Women in Sports Events create a supportive community and encourage the next generation of aspiring athletes and sports professionals.

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